Entrepreneur, Consultant, Worksite Wellness
Subject Matter Expert

Trainer, Master Certified Health Education Specialist

Michaela Conley is a real human connector! Her steady work at creating ID Wellness and other services has filled a gap in the health and wellness field. Her style is both personable and business-like, the kind of person who gets things done, and you enjoy being around. As a wellness psychologist and leader in the field of wellness coaching I truly appreciate her and her work and recommend her highly.
Passion and desire to make a difference are the words that come to mind when thinking about the character traits that define Michaela. Reading the book Tribes by Seth Goodin, I learned about what it takes to gather people of like interest and lead them. Michaela is my personal real life example of how that works. I enjoy what Michaela has developed with HP Career and other resources and look forward to many years of friendship and collaborat
Chuck Gillespie, CWPM, Wellness Council of Indiana
Michaela has made tremendous contributions to the field of health promotion with her work at HP CareerNet. She has created a community and provided the means for this community to thrive and communicate. She provides ongoing educational opportunities to all members of this community. Michaela is a thoughtful and committed business professional. It is a pleasure working with her and sharing her vision for the field of health promotion.
Mari Ryan, MBA, MHP, CWWPC, CWP, Advancing Wellness
No one knows the health promotion marketplace better than Michaela Conley. Through ID Wellness.com she’s shoving the rest of us into the technology we all need. She’s remarkable and tireless.
Sandra Wendel, Write-On, Inc.

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Michaela Conley, MA MCHES
Michaela Conley, MA MCHES
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  • Master Certified Health Education Specialist
  • Subject matter expert, trainer and coach
  • 18+ years as an entrepreneur in worksite health and wellness and featured in two books on entrepreneurship.
  • 6+ years as web host for HPLive webinars
  • 3+ years facilitating online study groups for CHES & MCHES credential exam prep.
  • Master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University.
  • Co-founder State of Wellness
  • Developed various online products and services within the health education, health promotion and worksite wellness industry

Developed a 100% online Lifestyle Coach training for CDC’s evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Program as part of the service offerings of State of Wellness

  • dpplogo Signed MOU with CDC
  • Developed online community for trained coaches
  • Provide ongoing technical assistance

chesmchescomboDeveloped virtual study groups for professionals in health education who plan to sit for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing: Certified Health Education Specialist and Master Certified Health Education Specialist exam offered twice annually.
social media signageDeveloped integrated web, content management and communication systems including e-marketing and social media for customers including individuals, membership organizations, corporations and nonprofits.
Hired by Ashlin Management Group where she:

  • Work@HealthBeta tested the Work@Health curriculum and web environment
  • Served as a subject matter expert
  • Recruited additional subject matter experts and coaches
  • Provided technical assistance for participating employers


1999-Present: HPCareer.Net, llc

Online, Professional Career Resource

Advertising career opportunities real-time in health promotion related fields exclusively.


2009-Present: Health Promotion LIVE

Free, Online, Professional Education

Free weekly webinars with nationally recognized experts. Recorded live, archived, free and continuing education eligible


2011-Present: State of Wellness

501c3 Nonprofit Supporting Evidence-Based

Policies and programs in worksite-based health promotion & wellness